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We have endeavoured to create a range of Trout flies that will be of interest to all fly anglers, that covers every aspect of trout fishing, whether stillwater or river.

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  • Blobs
    Blobs are undoubtedly one of the best discoveries of modern times. They take fish at any time of the year, including Chew Valleys record trout,15lb 12oz. They are a must have pattern in your fly box!
  • Boobies
    Boobies are a great all year pattern, offering great versatility when fishing sinking lines and even floating lines. Great for the washing line technique, and superb for fishing deep water.
  • Buzzers
    The Buzzer is one of the most widely used patterns. They can be fished in a variety of ways, static, slow retrieve or even under a bung. It can be very effective when used as part of the washing line technique and allowed to drift with the wind.
  • Crunchers
    Crunchers can be deadly when fished within a team of three, especially effective as a point fly. A slow figure of eight retrieve usually results in solid takes....a superb pattern to use when trout are taking smaller food items.
  • Daddies
    Daddies are traditionally a fly that is associated with the latter half of the season, but don't be afraid to give one a try anytime. From standard patterns, to ones that include goldhead beads or foam bodies, presentation can be varied to suit the Trout's mood.
  • Damsels
    Damsel flies are a must for every anglers fly box. A pattern in all it's varied forms that produces time and time again when all else fails. A very good standby to have on both large and stillwaters.
  • Diawl Bachs
    The Diawl Bach, comes in a myriad of patterns and can be deadly on it's day.
  • Dry Fly
    There is nothing more satisfying than catching a Trout on a Dry fly. Try to determine the direction of a cruising trout and cast to intercept it.... a superb way to fish.
  • Hoppers
    Hoppers are deadly when fished within a team just sub-surface to create a wake that will catch the Trout's attention.
  • Lures
    Lures are an essential pattern to have for when the fish are down or chasing fry.
  • Nymphs
    Nymphs are a very important part of the flyfishers arsenal. From the imitative Hare's Ear to the larger Nymphs suggesting small fry, they all produce results.
  • River Dry Flies /...
    Our selection of River Dry flies and Klinkhammers have been assembled with both Trout and Grayling in mind.
  • The Ghillie's Choice
    A range of delicate river patterns, inspired by the tyings of an Irish Ghillie, that will tempt those trout that sometimes seem very selective, and at times, seemingly uncatchable....
  • Wet Flies
    Fishing a team of wets can be most productive, a few small pulls, then hang the flies. A very rewarding and enjoyable method.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 477 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 477 items